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EXHIBITION "Past Is Present: Revival Jewelry" at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

February 14, 2017 – August 19, 2018

Explores More than 4,000 Years of 

Jewelry History

“History fuels the creative imagination. The dazzling jewels in

this exhibition were made by designers who found inspiration

from the past—reviving and reinterpreting antique styles for a

new age,” said Emily Stoehrer, Rita J. Kaplan and Susan

B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry. “Today, as technology continues

to advance and life’s pace continues to accelerate the

traditions of the past, from ancient Egypt to the Renaissance,

continue to provoke and inspire.” .... Read more....  


select passages from press release of MFA Boston


Traditionally carved from shells or hard stones, cameos have

been prized since their development in ancient Greece and Rome,

when they were worn as symbols of wealth. A mass-produced

cameo by Josiah Wedgwood seen in the “Slave-in-Chains” Medallion

 (1786–87) became a highly visible indicator of one’s support for

the abolitionist movement in the 18th century. Designed for the

British Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade and worn as

women’s jewelry or set into men’s accessories, the cameo shows

a manacled slave on bended knee below the words “Am I Not a

Man and a Brother?” Other examples of revivalist cameos include

Cameo Bracelet (about 1840) by William Morris Hunt, featuring

portraits of the Boston painter and his three brothers, and the

Peace Brooch (2011) by Japanese jeweler Shinji Nakaba, a recent

acquisition made from helmet shell, gold and stainless steel that

shows a crying or sleeping face and decorative carving inspired

by ancient Greek art.


●2年以上前から準備が行われていた『 Past Is Present: Revival Jewelry 』



2017年2月14日〜2018年8月19日 於ボストン美術館

私の作品"Peace Brooch "が出品されるので機会がありましたら見て下さいね。


"Past Is Present: Revival Jewelry" exhibition which had been preparing

for more than two years will finally start !

My carved sea shell "Peace Brooch" will be exhibited, please see it

if there is an opportunity.






PAST IS PRESENT By Dr. Emily Stoehrer 


Peace Brooch at MFA