Black Cirsium brooch

steel, mixed-media , 2015





















plastic bottle ,24k gold , epoxy ,steel ,  2008


white & Black
steel mesh , steel , epoxy ,    2015

steel mesh , steel , epoxy , black pearl , aluminum ,   2015

White branch Brooch
PVC , steel ,  2014

made out of bath stool.

to imitate a real  branch.


Pearl , PET water bottle ,Cirsium leaf , epoxy resin , steel , 2008年

white flower brooch
polypropylene , plastic ,steel ,   2013

steel , silicon , epoxy , citrin ,   2011作

Last Order...

On the 16th today, I shipped my last commission piece to New York. Yes, at the back of my mind I knew this time would come someday, but now it finally happened.
In 2013 June, the "Julie Artisans' Gallery", that has specialized in wearable art for 40 years at Madison Avenue, came to an end.
The end of an age... No, a bridge to the next age. Yes, having provided a place of presentation for artists and the great woman Julie's passion and pioneer spirit for creativity, will continue to be retold and will add a new legend to New York. I was able to spread my full wings of creativity in the place Julie opened, and fly to the place overlooking the next world. To the owner Julie, and the gallery's Toni and Lewis, thank you so much. It's a new beginning!
マディソンアヴェニューで40年に及びウエアラブルアートを専門に扱う『Julie Artisans' Gallery』が2013年6月をもって幕を下ろす事になりました。

nest brooch
real nest , aluminum , steel , plastic bottle ,        2013

Lily of the valley Brooch


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